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“Top 10 Coolest Planets In Sci-Fi Movies”


“And On Your Right Is The Lars Homestead…”

“The work of Rä di Martino often deals with the duality between reality and fiction. The artist’s background in theatre and her passion for film emerge in her video work, which is often cinematographic in theme and experimental in nature. However, for some of her most recent works, she has switched medium from video to photography, exploring a different kind of imagery. Enticed by abandoned Hollywood sets in North Africa, di Martino’s travels in Morocco and Tunisia resulted in a profound engagement with these contemporary ruins. Ranging from basic dwellings to elaborate temples, these sets formed part of the fictional habitat of film characters, today however their ruins appear to substantiate the history of inhabitants that never existed.

Gazing at the remains of the familiar Star Wars set in her series ‘Every World is a Stage’ triggers a sense of mild discomfort, as the delusionary power of the human imagination is realised. A film that has been capable of projecting us into the distant future has ironically left behind ruins that look as ancient as any imperial palace or historical edifice. Only by coming closer, and knocking on the structures’ walls, does the onlooker realise that these walls are made of plywood and plaster. Born in Rome and residing in Turin, New York and London, di Martino’s interest in Luke Skywalker’s house, portrayed in the series ‘No More Stars (Star Wars)’, currently shown in the Tate Modern’s exhibition ‘Ruins in Reverse’, is born of the artist’s longing for a home of her own.” — Sumarrialunn






Celebrity News (in the Future): B-Flyz

(HuffPo) — Rapper B-Flyz made news two years ago when the creature, who helped redefine bluegrass rap and jazz metal tap-dance, turned supervillain and pulled one of Saturn’s moons out of orbit. (Okay, it was only by a few kilometers, but still!) Today, trial begins for the rapper who was charged with vandalizing the San Andreas fault line, a crime the rapper has vehemently denied. Before you tune up the HyperCrime Channel in 3-D and kick back for a marathon of courtroom drama, enjoy a look back at the highlights of B-Flyz antics and accomplishments (mostly antics):


Not just an electron microscope image of Milferd Tillman, a bluebottle fly larva. This is Milferd Tillman aka B-Flyz, decked out in his trademark hoodie that so terrified white people.

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In Memoriam

No film critic understood science fiction better than Roger Ebert. As a young boy growing up in Illinois he was taken in by the science fiction of John W. Campbell, among others. When films like 2001: A Space Odyssey hit theaters in 1968, his approach to its unique narrative was intelligent and apropos. Today, word has come that Roger has succumbed to the cancer that has dogged him for over ten years. Film literature has taken a devastating hit.

Enjoy the other side, Roger.

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