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Science Calls It A Day



“You go, Nerd!”



13 - 1

“Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.”

One of my favorite sci-fi sites, The Geeky Nerherder, always alerts us to cool art and other sci-fi bric-a-brac, and this post is no exception. The following is a brief look at a collection by Jesús Prudencio, who has produced an art collection depicting movie cars.

Back To The Future by Jesús Prudencio

Gattaca by Jesús Prudencio

Ghostbusters by Jesús Prudencio

“Oh my, no. You look fine.” (Run, children, run!)

“Have you ever peered over a ledge, so high up…that it made you nervous or dizzy…that it made you feel the urge to jump?” Michael Stevens at Vsauce explains this as the High Place Phenomenon, and this is just part of the issue when it comes to being creeped out or put ill-at-ease with Ambiguity. Those of us who swim the waters of science fiction know this as The Uncanny Valley. Observe:


“Will you go with me to the prom? Let me babysit your children?” No. And no.

Why is Wall-e and R2-D2 just so darn cute, and yet this Japanese android makes us want to run screaming from the room in terror? As Michael Stevens explains, it all hails from “an adaptive human response to the ambiguity of threats from others.” Like Teddy Bears with teeth.

Watch this, uh, creepy explanation of ambiguity by the good folks at Vsauce.


Joan Rivers? That makes sense.

Vintage Ads for an Alternate Timeline


“Neptune Sure is Lookin’ Mighty Blue in the Sky Tonight, Ma.”

If Saturn sat in our moon’s position, what would our night sky look like? Former NASA artist Ron Miller imagines other planets nesting in the moon’s orbit.


The moon in the night sky...


Neptune in our night sky in the moon's position


Venus in our night sky in the moon's position

To see the rest of Ron Miller’s planetary perspective and learn more about this project, go here for Rosie Taylor’s article.

Happy Father’s Day…Darth Vader




What if Darth Vader were a good father? Click on the pictures to enjoy the full gallery by Jeffrey Brown.

Beyond The Thunderdome: Genetic Art (Really)


“Since DNA profiling came on the scene in 1987, developments in human genetics have made us more aware of how our genetic make-up influences our lives, from how much we drink to our likelihood of getting cancer. One positive example of this awareness is the do-it-yourself biology movement. Genspace, a community lab located on the seventh floor of a building in downtown Brooklyn, allows members to perform all manner of experiments once confined to science class, like extracting and analyzing their own DNA or growing different kinds of bacteria.

Recently, a new arrival has burst into the scene at Genspace. Heather Dewey-Hagborg, a 30-year-old Ph.D. student studying electronic arts at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y., has the weird habit of gathering the DNA people leave behind, from cigarette butts and fingernails to used coffee cups and chewing gum. She comes to Genspace to extract DNA from the detritus she collects and sequence specific genomic regions from her samples. The data are then fed into a computer program, which churns out a facial model of the person who left the hair, fingernail, cigarette, or gum behind. Using a 3-D printer, she creates life-sized masks that offer a depiction of what the anonymous DNA donor might look like. And they may be coming to a gallery wall near you, with a show at the New York Public Library slated for early 2014.” — Future Tense, Slate.com

“Summer’s Coming…”

Summer's Coming...

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