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As The New School Year Approaches…

Star Wars in the 80's

“What if Star Wars were a 1980s John Hughes movie?” — io9
Click on picture to see the full hilarious gallery


“You go, Nerd!”


Did Any of This Help?


Great-grandpa would have spat tobacco on the floor. Then…he would have cursed this like a sailor.

Fishing-SimulatorGrandpa would have just shook his head. Then…he would have cursed this like a sailor.

Dad would have just laughed…

…Then Dad would have turned off the cartoons and showed me how it’s done. Kick yourself and the kids off the couch and go outside before the summer is over.

Happy Father’s Day…Darth Vader




What if Darth Vader were a good father? Click on the pictures to enjoy the full gallery by Jeffrey Brown.

“Summer’s Coming…”

Summer's Coming...

Actual Rejected ‘Star Wars’ Toy Concepts

Actual Rejected 'Star Wars' Toy Concepts

How could they reject this?!

“I was working for a promotional merchandise company when we got the chance to pitch ideas for a few items that would be made to tie-in to Pepsi’s big Episode One promotions. Until we actually won the job, we could only use things from the original trilogy to concept with. If they liked the idea, we could later try and make it fit with the new movie once they let us see a storyline and artwork. We didn’t have a budget, or even know what the items might be used for (part of the pitch was for us to tell them how to use the merchandise). So we could be making something that cost $.25 to manufacture (say, an on-pack for a Pepsi bottle of can) or we might make something for $300 (a “dealer loader”, that it, a display in store that the store owner would keep or raffle off after the promotion is over).”

— Jason “Toy Otter” Geyer

Please click on the picture to see the other toy concepts and read Jason’s narrative of how the process all went down. It’s quite interesting.

Just Like Clark Gable in ‘Command Decision’…



Paula Deen Returns to the Food Network…

For the Memorial Day barbecue this weekend, 150 year-old cyborg chef Paula Deen whips up a mess of Tribble in honor of those who died last year in the Psychic Wars. Her favorite? The Pediculus Cut! (Mmmm…) What to stay away from? The Uterus. “Oh, Honey!” Paula snaps. “I wouldn’t wash my boat with that. It’s as tough as nails.”

“Pie Impetus Domine…Dona eis requiem…” (Thwack!)


Student artist Chawakarn Khongprasert of Bankok, Thailand put forth this holy entry as an assignment: Star Wars in Manuscript.

Please click on the picture to visit the entire gallery. Oh, and please, genuflect whilst doing so. Happy Star Wars Day.

Lilo and Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch

Real product. Not a silly meme. Click on picture to see.

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